From Virtual to Reality:
the journey to work readiness

Australian Pharmacy Council

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council

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How can we better prepare new practitioners to be work-ready and how do we support everyone involved in the process?

Experiential learning and placements help students better understand and apply theory learnt at university. They gain hands on skills and attitudes required for clinical practice and patient-centered care.

Nonetheless, this transition can be a challenging journey for students.


Join us to explore “From Virtual to Reality: The journey to work-readiness”.


Keynote Speakers

Professor Zubin Austin
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, Canada


Professor Karen Strickland

Professor of Nursing, Head of School, School of Nursing Midwifery and Public Health, University of Canberra


Why attend?


It's the interprofessional health education event of the year! 

  • Learn from and with other professions to create future professionals who can best provide team-based care.

  • Discuss best practices, challenges and strategies in assessment and simulation within health profession education.

  • Share how we can prepare and support our new graduates for practice in an evolving health environment.

  • Gain valuable insights through interactive and entertaining workshops

  • Network with health professionals to strengthen our health workforce.

Who should attend?

Our Colloquium brings together people from across the health sectors:

  • academics

  • teacher-practitioners

  • practising professionals

  • students

  • interns

  • policy-makers 

At the heart of Colloquium is education for the health professions and working holistically to achieve best practice.