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Brisbane 22 May 2024
Emporium Hotel, Southbank


Listen, Hear, Think

This year's theme will focus on how we can amplify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices to transform health profession education and practice.

In Wiradjuri language, Winhangarra means to listen, hear and think. We cannot achieve greater health outcomes without honouring Winhangarra and Indigenous leadership within health profession education.

Why attend?

1 Discuss best practice, challenges and strategies in assessment and training across health profession education.

2. Share how we can prepare and support our new graduates for practice in an evolving health environment.


3. Gain valuable insights through interactive and entertaining workshops.

4. Network with health professionals to strengthen our health workforce.​


5.  Learn from and with other professions to create future professionals who can best provide team-based care.

Who should attend?

With Interprofessional Education at its core, the Colloquium is a unique place of interaction between academics, policy makers, students, researchers and health practitioners, from across all the health professions.

What people say

One of the best educational events in the last couple of years.

Learnt something new. I went away energized and keen to see if I can implement it. I
networked with colleagues old and new. Can’t ask for more really.

Loved the level of interactivity.

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