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Who we are

We provide a valuable platform that supports education providers, students and practising professionals in their work to enhance health profession education and training.


The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) are the independent accreditation bodies for pharmacy, nursing and midwifery education in Australia.


Our Interprofessional Colloquium is designed to stimulate a discussion regarding the links between education and practice across the health sectors. 

We want to create awareness of how health professionals can teach, learn and practise together.


Our values

Both APC and ANMAC are leaders in and strong advocates for Interprofessional Education. We believe that better health outcomes are achieved when we work and learn together. 

Life-long learning
We endeavour to provide avenues that encourage intellectual curiosity, across the continuum of one’s professional journey.


We treat all people with courtesy and compassion and we encourage open and courageous conversations.


We value the benefits of synergy, sharing experiences, and building relationships.


We embrace similarities and differences between people from every walk of life. We endeavour to deliver a balanced and diverse program.

Meet the team

As an associate member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), we are committed to developing the pharmacy workforce to deliver best patient care. 

Our Colloquium progresses the following FIP Workforce Development Goals:

WDG 1 – Academic Capacity

WDG 3 – Quality Assurance

WDG 7 – Service provision and workforce education and training

WDG 8  - Working with others

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