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Enlighten, empower and emancipate: planting the seeds to future proof our professions

This year’s Colloquium will focus on equipping students with the right tools that will empower them to disrupt current ways of thinking when they enter the workforce.




Wednesday 7 September


Welcome Reception

To kick IPE Colloquium off, join us on Wednesday evening for a warm welcome, networking and some canapes.

Amber Bar, Rydges Hotel, World Square - same floor as the Colloquium.

Thursday 8 September

9am - 9.10am

Opening ceremony with Bronwyn Clark, CEO APC & Fiona Stoker, CEO ANMAC


Welcome to Country with Gadigal Elder Uncle Allen Madden

Hearing from students and practising professionals

9.10 - 10.30am

You're on mute – unheard stories from the pandemic

The long term impacts of the pandemic on students and newly registered health care workers are somewhat unknown. Whether students have had the necessary breadth and depth of pre-pandemic experiences to prepare them for future practice is yet to be seen.


We'll hear from our students and their teachers and supervisors reflect on their experiences, and discuss what role education plays in future proofing the supervised practice year.

Nick Shaw.jfif

Prof Nick Shaw as facilitator







Jack_Papworth - NAPSA.jpg



Caitlyn Moore.jpg



Adam Profile photo cropped .jpg

Adam Forrest

Amanda Bryce.jpg

Amanda Bryce


Prof Tracey Moroney


Kimberley Livingstone

Morning tea

10.30 - 11am

Creating agents of change - Presentations

11am - 12.30pm

The future of learning: the impact and role of edtech, learning analytics, and artificial intelligence

The real impact of digitisation is in the new opportunities it creates, including the use of learning analytics to guide and direct learners and AI to serve as an active, almost equal, partner.


How do universities and professional organisations take advantage of new technologies to drive innovation and to foster re-alignment of today’s learning systems with the affordances of emerging technologies? 

Professor George Siemens


Operation Critical: Transforming Nursing Education to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Increasing awareness of the SDGs and empowering future nurses to take action toward the goals may be achievable through embedding the SDGs into undergraduate curricula. 

Lorraine Fields

Lorraine Fields_head shot2 (2).jpg

Should Mental Health First Aid training be a requirement for healthcare professionals? Experiences from delivering and evaluating Mental Health First Aid training in curricula

Explore the evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of MHFA training for healthcare students and professionals, provide a global perspective on compulsory MHFA and related training for healthcare professionals.

Dr Sarira El-Den

Sarira El-Den.jpg

The contribution of nursing clinical placements to student learning and clinical care: perspectives of students, educators, and health service providers. 

Student nurses make an active contribution to the health system. Increasing demand and limited supply of clinical placements in nursing underscore the need to make explicit the benefits offered by student clinical placements to the health system.

Professor Marie Gerdtz



12.30 - 1.30pm

Building courage, connection and resilience

1.30 - 3.00pm

Trust and the Marble Jar - Workshop
Learn foundations of courage building skills and how they've been integrated into curriculum. We'll focus on connection and resilience, whilst unpacking the elements of trust. It is vital for our students to graduate with the knowledge, confidence and resilience to enjoy inspiring and fulfilling careers.

Julie Prof shot UWA.jpg

Julie Loveny

Liza Seubert.jpg

Dr Liza Seubert

Amanda Bryce.jpg
Rhonda Clifford.jpg

Amanda Bryce

Prof Rhonda Clifford

Public outcome statement

3.00 - 3.30pm

Committing to change

We’ve prepared an outcome statement as way of showing our public commitment to creating a resilient and professional health workforce. This statement is a public commitment from national accreditation, education and student bodies of the professions of pharmacy, nursing and midwifery.

This session will be led by Professor Debra Rowett, President of the Council of Pharmacy Schools AUS & NZ, and Professor Karen Strickland, Chair of the Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (ANZ).


Prof Debra Rowett PSM


Prof Karen Strickland

Afternoon tea

3.30 - 3.45pm


3.45 - 4.45pm

The invisibility cloak - It takes a pandemic to reveal the value of health professionals.

Our debating team will bring you thought-provoking entertainment as they consider whether health professionals have become more visible as a result of the pandemic.


Has public gratitude shifted? How does it vary individually vs collectively? What role does the virtual world play? What’s the goal for the future and how do we get there?

Tim Chen.jpg

Prof Timothy Chen

Lisa Pont headshot 2.jpg

Prof Lisa Pont

Deb Massey.jpg

Assoc Prof Deb Massey

Kathryn Connor.jpg

Kathryn Connor

Matthew Gillespie.jpg

Matthew Gillespie

Georgia Bridges.jpeg

Georgia Bridges

Caitlyn Moore.jpg

Caitlyn Moore

4.45pm - 5pm  Closing ceremony

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