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Enlighten, empower and emancipate

Updated: May 2, 2022

Do you remember how you felt as a new graduate, confronted with your first overwhelming situation or emergency? Did you think, "I'm not prepared for this"? And how confident were you changing the system; in disrupting the status quo and aiming to make a difference?

This year’s Colloquium will focus on equipping students with the right tools that will empower them to disrupt current ways of thinking when they enter the workforce.

As education providers, we constantly think about how best to instil confidence in students, how to better prepare them for anything, and how to provide the appropriate tools to liberate them as they innocently jet off into the sunset and enter the big world.

Then a pandemic hits. They get thrown into the deep end, and we're left re-evaluating practices. The long-term impacts of the pandemic are still somewhat unknown, and consequences of its challenges and opportunities are yet to be evaluated.

This year we’ll hear from students and their preceptors about their experiences during the pandemic, we’ll discuss how we can create agents of change who want to take action, and we’ll deliver an interactive workshop on building resilience. We’ll debate the invisibility cloak, and we’ll workshop an outcome statement together to commit to change.

Student and preceptor perspectives

We're yet to see whether students and newly registered health care workers have had the necessary breadth and depth of pre-pandemic experiences to prepare them for future practice. At an extraordinary pace, clinicians and educators implemented processes and practices to fill gaps in the system. But in doing so, did gaps manifest elsewhere?

Creating agents of change

How do we empower students to take action and disrupt current ways of thinking? We’ll hear from experts on how they are transforming curriculum to enlighten, empower and emancipate students.

Building resilience and leadership

Are we preparing graduates to be resilient? How do we create future leaders? We'll workshop ways we can further develop resilience and professionalism in our students and workplaces.

Visibility and professionalism

Has the pandemic made health practitioners more or less visible? What are the consequences of students turning their cameras off in their online classes? Has our professionalism become invisible or more visible? We'll explore the debates around the invisibility cloak.

Outcome statement

What is the point of our Colloquium if not for change? Our event is highly interactive. Your experiences and your voice are at the core of what makes the Colloquium unique. Together, we'll workshop an outcome statement, making a public commitment on concrete ways to create a resilient and professional health workforce. This statement will hold us accountable as accreditation bodies and education providers.

Join us on Thursday 8 September 2022, to collectively commit to transformation in health education, at Rydges Hotel, World Square, Sydney.

We'll be holding a cocktail event held on Wednesday evening 7 September 2022.

More details are coming soon.

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