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Our mission

Improving health outcomes through interprofessional education

We provide a valuable platform that supports education providers, students and practising professionals in their work to enhance health profession education and training.

At the heart of our Colloquium is bringing health professions together to cut down silos and improve health outcomes for all.


Our Story

What started out as pharmacy-only event, the Colloquium quickly established itself as a premium interprofessional health education event, delivered together by the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

Arriving here

In 2013 Professor Debra Rowett PSM, at that stage the APC President, saw an opportunity for accreditation bodies to engage more with education providers as well as practising professionals. After APC had introduced new outcomes-based accreditation standards, Debra saw that an event with high interaction and group discussion could assist with implementation.


Through 2014 and 2015 we explored how curriculum, training and policy can impact practice. We saw attendance and engagement grow from pharmacy to other health professions.

Growing a partnership

In 2018, after a hiatus, a partnership bloomed between APC and ANMAC CEOs Bronwyn Clark (APC) Fiona Stoker (ANMAC), as both saw the need for interprofessional events.

We have the same goal: improve health outcomes for all.

Recognising a need for students to learn together we wanted to provide an avenue to generate further discussions.

In 2019, we delivered our first event together, focussing on interprofessional learning, Indigenous health, and work-readiness. We attracted over 150 participants across health sectors including nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, psychology, optometry and dentistry, with interactive sessions and keynote speakers.

Going hybrid

The pandemic provided us an opportunity to expand the scope of Colloquium, and as a result our 2021 Colloquium was delivered in a hybrid format. This was our largest attendance yet. Both in person and online, we engaged, educated and entertained an audience that was craving an opportunity to collaborate and learn together.

The Colloquium is now an established event on the health professions education calendar.

We appreciate every individual who has been a part of building this community. We hope to see more of you come along for the ride.

Bronwyn & Fiona

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