COVID Safe Plan

COVID-19 Safety

Our commitment to you 

We acknowledge that our delegates are professionals in clinical and academic settings. Many are responsible for providing information and services in the management and response to COVID-19.

We take seriously our responsibility to keep you safe while attending the Interprofessional Colloquium 2021.

We based our decision to resume the Colloquium on providing a safe learning environment. We have done this by offering 2 platforms of learning:

  • Face-to-face attendance, or

  • Online attendance

We are keeping a close watch on the situation. If we can no longer host the event, all delegates will be transferred to our online platform.

Check in to the Interprofessional Colloquium


The QT Hotel has a compulsory CBR QR Code. You will need to download the CBR App and check in upon arrival.


Until that eventuality, we appreciate that people are keen to meet in person. We are pleased to provide these COVID-19 safety measures to demonstrate our commitment to your safety.

On this page:

See the QT Hotel COVID-safe commitment


Physical/Social Distancing

The current government advice is that everyone must keep at least 1.5 meters from others, where possible. There must be 4 square meters of space per person where possible.


QT Hotel will:

  • promote and enforce the government guidance – they will remind delegates, contractors and staff of the government requirements that people maintain physical distancing from others

  • comply with ACT mandated occupancy limits

  • display key collateral and signage throughout the QT Hotel to ensure that physical/social distancing measures are followed - this includes check in/out, lifts, restaurant, bar, coffee shops and conference and event spaces.


Hygiene/Hand Washing

Correct hygiene and frequent handwashing with soap is vital to help combat the spread of virus. Hygiene practices to delegates, contractors and staff will be communicated through collateral and signage, and safety messaging by the QT Hotel:

  • before and after eating

  • after coughing or sneezing

  • after going to the toilet, and

  • when touching communal surfaces.


Cleaning and sanitising

The QT Hotel will undertake extensive cleaning operations and additional practices to ensure that effective cleaning and sanitisation occurs, in accordance with government guidance. This includes ongoing review and adaptation of internal cleaning processes to ensure compliance with current advice



Food and beverage*

QT Hotel will:

  • individually plate/box all food and beverage items

  • provide individual bottled water instead of water jugs/urns on meeting tables and water stations

  • sanitise tea & coffee station before and after each break

  • review seating capacities and floor plans to ensure appropriate physical distancing according to government standards

  • post signs around the event to remind guests of appropriate physical distancing



We have ensured our contractors have implemented processes and procedures, as reasonably practicable, to monitor their employees’ fitness to work and their ability to attend work safely.

Check in using the CBR App

The QT Hotel has a compulsory CBR QR Code that is posted throughout the hotel. This enables visitors and guests to log their attendance at the venue. Delegates will need to download the CBR App and check-in to the Interprofessional Colloquium upon arrival.



Check in / out

QT Hotel will:

  • mark physical/social distancing delineations to provide 1.5m distance between guests

  • provide guests a registration card and sanitized pen to fill in their details. This pen will be taken by the guest for use within their rooms

  • disinfect credit card terminals after each guest use

  • sanitise room keys prior to being issued to the guest

  • encourage express check out for departing guests to minimize the contact time.


QT Hotel will:

  • provide critical information on single-use collateral, which will be disposed and changed after each guest, and/or will be electronically posted

  • remove extra pillows and blankets stored in the guest room closets – they are available upon guest request and stored in airtight bags

  • provide single-use and sanitised amenities to all guests.

Specific sanitation for surfaces in the guest room include desks, phones, doors and doorknobs, bathroom fixtures and fittings, lighting controls, irons and other amenities.


* The asterisk denotes a summary of information supplied courtesy of QT Hotel Canberra. See the QT Hotel COVID-safe commitment.