Dr Cherie Lucas

Dr Cherie Lucas, Registered Pharmacist, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Education Manager and Manager of Clinical Placements (Sydney, Rural Australia and the International 12 month experiential program). Lead in reflective practice Interprofessional edcuation and interprofessional collaboration projects including the RIPE and RIPE-N projects (Reflective Interprofessional Education- Network Models of learning). Her work involves collaboration with a number of health disciplines including: pharmacy, nursing, speech pathology, orthoptics and physiotherapy.


The work she has led in IPE/IPC has generated a number of publications in peer reviewed journals, earning a University Teaching citation honour and has now extended to include a diverse group of health disciplines across a number of Schools and Faculties.


Her collaboration with other reflective practice projects including the piloting, evaluation and co-design of a reflective writing Artificial Intelligence tool has resulted in 2 international awards: Best Full paper, Learning, Analytics and Knowledge Conference, Canada 2017; and a Teaching Innovation Poster Award, Italy 2017.